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Fiesta Zetec Championship final positions amended by Motorsport Ireland

WillIam Kellett promoted to second, Darren Lawlor promoted to third

Following a decision by Motorsport Ireland the final positions in the 2018 Patch Tyre Equipment Fiesta Zetec Championship have been amended. The decision arises from technical checks carried out on car number 21, driven by Mark Johnston, following the Leinster Motor Club event at Mondello Park on September 15th.

Following a technical inspection after rounds 11 and 12 of the championship, the engine of car number 21 was found to contravene regulation 6.5, which governs the maximum compression ratio for engines used in the Fiesta Zetec Championship. The stewards of the event have therefore disqualified Mark Johnston from rounds 11 and 12 and applied the maximum penalties allowed as set out in section 3.4 of the Fiesta Zetec Championship Sporting Regulations;

20 points deducted for disqualification from round 11 as well as loss of all points scored in round 11.
20 points deducted for disqualification from round 12 as well as loss of all points scored in round 12.
20 points deducted, as a 10 place grid penalty for a round subsequent to the disqualification can not be applied retrospectively.

The deduction of a total of sixty championship points drops Mark Johnston from second to eight in the final standings.

The application of the above penalty moves William Kellett into second place in the championship. The promotion of Kellett improves what was already a fantastic debut season in the Fiesta Zetec class for the eighteen year old, which saw him make great progress. The Kells driver ran at the front right from the off and picked up six podiums, including three runner-up positions in the second half of the season.

Kilcullen's Darren Lawlor also moves up a place in the final standings, to third, equaling his 2017 result.

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