Our Treasure Hunt takes place on a purpose built 4×4 Off-Road driving course, but it’s a primarily a fun activity, as opposed to an out and out 4X4 Driving Experience, therefore the more challenging elements of the 4X4 course are not used in the Treasure Hunt.

This activity see participants split into groups of 3 or 4 people (depending on the number of guests) who then compete together against the other teams in our fleet of Land Rover Discovery’s. The group make-up can be random (names drawn from a hat) which adds to the Team Building element, or if preferred, they can be pre-determined by the client. An instructor will always be in each vehicle to aid and guide the team as necessary but without making it too easy for them.

The format sees each team start at the beginning of a track with the first driver being chosen at random. The team will then proceed along a pre-determined track receiving instructions as they reach set points on the route. Along the way, there will also be a number of tests/challenges, which they will be scored on by their instructor. Each team will also have to find certain clues to complete the course.

Treasure Hunt is not a speed activity, but there is a minimum and maximum time limit for each route and if they go under or over this, they will incur time penalties, which will be converted into penalty points which will be deducted from their score. Each team member will be required to drive for a portion of each track and driver changes will be imposed at given locations along the route in line with the direction of the accompanying instructor.

Treasure Hunt has a strong Irish theme, which is particularly popular with overseas visitors. The courses are each named after Irish Provinces and the instruction points on the tracks are named after counties in those Provinces. Some of the artefacts the teams must find along the way, also have an Irish theme, as do some of the challenges they must perform. As an example, on one of the courses, the team must find a Hurl (a Hockey like Sports Stick) which they will require to complete a task on one of the other courses.

Treasure Hunt is terrific fun and at the end each teams’ points are calculated and the winners announced.

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