Our Track Day Training Course is now open to all motorcycle owners, full licence holders, provisional licence holders and even owners who do not hold a road licence. Following successful completion of the course even riders who never ride on the road will now be able to take part in Mondello Park Motorcycle Track Days.

On the course riders are trained in track day riding and behaviour while their suitability to take part in a full track day is also assessed. Courses are run on behalf of Mondello Park by Bike2Bike rider training.

On successful completion of this course riders are presented with a Mondello Park track day licence, allowing them to attend all future track days at the circuit. Many riders are currently unable to take part in track day’s, either because they do not hold a full licence or they do not feel ready to take to the track with other more experienced riders. Mondello Park’s track day training course seeks to rectify both of these situations. Our Track Day Training courses are also suitable for riders with full licences who wish to gain experience and benefit from some tuition prior to taking part in a bike track day.
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Course Content


The Track Day Training Course consists of classroom tuition, low speed off track tuition in the morning and higher speed on-track tuition in the afternoon. Participants must provide their own motorcycle, helmet and clothing.

For a normal Track Day riders must wear full leathers or two piece zip together leathers but for Track Day Training days textile motorcycle clothing is acceptable. Leather gloves and Leather Boots are required. Only full face and modular helmets are accepted, no open face.

The course is open to provisional and full licence holders and must be pre booked. The course will take the form of continuous assessment throughout the day and will run from 09.00 to 16.00 with Lunch from 12.00 till 13.00 and will not be cancelled due to rain. All participants are required to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time, must wear full protective clothing and bikes must be a minimum of 125cc.

Students will be continuously assessed over the course of the day and attendance does not mean you will automatically qualify to take part in future track days. Students must show they have the ability and skills required.

If a student passes the course they will receive a certificate from Bike 2 Bike confirming this. In the week following the course Mondello Park will issue the individuals with a membership card and a track day membership number which they must then quote when booking in on a track day.

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The Timetable
09.00  Registration
   Safety checks on machine and personal safety equipment
   Class room briefing
   Slow speed control manoeuvres and braking techniques
13.00  Class room briefing
   On-track instructor demonstrations
   Questions and answer session
   Participant track time
   Correction of problem areas
   Final assessment
16.00  Award of certificates


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Track Day Training Prices



The price of a Track Day Training course is €130 and this price includes classroom tuition, low speed off track tuition in the morning and on-track tuition in the afternoon.