The following a is a summary of Mondello Park’s media accreditation criteria.

1. Media accreditation will only be granted to applicants who can show that Mondello Park will receive guaranteed exposure from their attendance at events. Being granted accreditation in previous years is not a guarantee that your accreditation will continue into the current year.

2. All applicants must read and accept the Mondello Park media application terms and conditions.

2. Applicants must be working for or submitting to a recognised media outlet in order to receive accreditation. The media outlet must be one of the following, TV, Radio, Print or a major web site. Applicants submitting to blogs, car club forums and web sites, their own photographic web sites or other internet outlets will not be accredited.

3. In order to sign on as media for any event at Mondello Park you must contact Mondello Park’s media management company, Motorsport Promotions, in advance (see contact details below).

4. For Motorcycle Race Events, Mondello Park accreditation is required. Media travelling from other jurisdictions are required to also have accreditation from their own motorcycling governing body or from the championship with which they are travelling.

5. Applications for accreditation may be declined for a variety of reasons including the constraints placed on Mondello Park by various governing bodies, championship and event organisers.

6. A ‘head and shoulders’ photograph is only required to be included with your application if you are a first time applicant or wish to update the photograph currently in use.

7. Access to Mondello Park Track Days is restricted. Anyone wishing to take photos at a Track Day must contact Motorsport Promotions before attending.

8. Whilst on track all media are required to wear high visibility jackets with colours which do not clash with any of the flag signals used, orange is preferable. Anyone not in possession of the correct accreditation or clothing will not be permitted to take pictures trackside or in the pits.

9. Whilst attending events at Mondello Park all media are required to comply with all reasonable requests from the event organisers, Track Marshals and Mondello Park Staff and failure to do so could result in accreditation being suspended or permanently removed.

For the full media application terms and conditions see CLICK HERE.

Media Access To Mondello Park For Filming Or Photoshoots Other Than At Race Events

For all media and PR enquiries relating to Media access to events or the use of Mondello Park for photographic, filming or PR purposes.

Contact: Motorsport Promotions 7 The Grove Earlscourt Kill Co. Kildare


Media Applications can be completed using the on-line form or by printing off filling and posting the printable form.

If you are applying on-line and it is you first application or if you are a repeat applicant and wish to update your photo you can email a head and shoulders image to once you have submitted the form.

Mondello Park on-line media application: 2020 on-line Media Form

Mondello Park printable media application form: 2020 printable Media Form