Drift Games Masterclass

Drift Games Masterclass

Only €229.00

What’s Included?

Want to learn the skills professional drifters possess?

The Drift Games Masterclass firstly refreshes Drift Games 101 and gradually introduces more advanced and challenging techniques. At this level you do all the driving and extended seat-time allows our instructors more time to guide you through each high-octane manoeuvre. The Drift Games Masterclass is a highly recommended option for students eager to learn every aspect of competitive drifting. The road to drift superstardom starts here!

The Drift Games Masterclass includes a safety briefing followed by:
Introduction to the Drift Games Masterclass
Handbrake Initiation (J-turn)
Counter-Steer Control
90 Degree Drift Bend
Big O Technique
Switch Technique
Combination Drift
After-Course Analysis


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