Car Track Days


Car Track Days are events where drivers drive their own cars on the Mondello Park track. Drivers looking for information on Mondello Park’s Driving Experiences where you can drive our vehicles please go HERE.

No previous track day experience is required as we have instructors available on many of our Car Track Days to help anyone with no previous experience. All drivers must undergo a safety briefing before taking part in a Track Day whether they have completed one before or not.

Track Days are open to all road cars with or without track modifications and any driver who is over eighteen and holds a full road licence or Motorsport Ireland competition licence, which must be produced at sign on for each event. All cars driven on our Track Days must be road worthy and drivers and their passengers are required to wear a seat belt and a crash helmet at all times.

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New Car Track Day Features
All of our stand alone Car Track Days now have additional features which are not available at Auto Heroes events.

- 20 Minute (book on the day) ‘Introduction to Car Track Days’ sessions.
- Free track tuition available from experienced Mondello Park instructors.
- Reduced spectator admission.
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Track Day Format
- All days are split into morning and Afternoon sessions with an hour lunch break.
- Drivers can book in for the morning, afternoon or full day.
- All Drivers must attend a briefing before they go on track.
- On most days we start with two groups of cars which alternate on track before going to an open pit lane where drivers can come and go as they please.
- Passengers are allowed, with the first one free and any additional passengers being charged for.
- Spectators are welcome but there is an admission charge.
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Our Timetable
Morning Sign on: 08:30 - 09:30
Morning Briefing: 09:45
Morning Session: 10:15 - 13:15

Afternoon Sign on: 13:15 - 13:45
Afternoon Briefing: 13:45
Afternoon Session: 14:15 - 17:15

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Track Day Rules & Regulations
- All drivers must be over eighteen and hold a full clean drivers licence or a Motorsport Ireland competition licence.
- Drivers and passengers must wear helmets and seat belts at all times, they must supply their own helmets.
- All passengers must sign on and be over eighteen.
- All track days must be pre-booked & pre-paid otherwise space cannot be guaranteed.
- There will be a briefing at 09:30 and again at 13:30. Drivers will not be permitted on track without attending a briefing.
- All cars must pass a noise test prior to going on track and may be tested again during the day.
- Due to the high demand for track day places, anyone who fails to attend a pre-booked course, without having provided at least 48 hours prior notice to Mondello Park, will forfeit their place and fee.
- No refunds will be offered to drivers who book for a full or half day and only participate in a portion of their booking, for whatever reason, including weather conditions.
- Mondello Park reserves the right to remove any driver from the circuit if their driving or behaviour does not comply with accepted standards or rules set out in the drivers briefing, without refund.
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Track Day Prices

Pre Booked:
1/2 day morning - €100.00
1/2 day afternoon - €100.00
Full Day - €165.00

Pay On The Day:
1/2 day morning - €110.00
1/2 day afternoon - €110.00
Full Day - €185.00

Pre Booking only:
1/2 day morning - €120.00
1/2 day afternoon - €120.00
Full Day - €195.00

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Track Day Dates