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Supercar Experience Voucher

All participants should wear Casual Clothes with soft shoes or trainers.

Terms and Conditions
1. The Mondello Park Supercar Experience runs mid-week from March to October with some weekend availability from November to February.
2. Mondello Park reserve the right to cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstances including extreme weather conditions. In such a scenario, the course holders are advised to contact the Mondello Park office to arrange an alternative date.
3. Vouchers are valid for 10 months. All courses are non-refundable and must be used by the expiry date printed on the course voucher. Vouchers are only transferable by prior agreement of Mondello Park.
4. Due the high demand for courses, it is recommend that a course holder books at least six weeks before the expiry date printed on their voucher.
5. Any course holder who fails to attend a pre booked course, without having provided at least 48 hours prior notice to Mondello Park, will render their course null and void.
6. Mondello Park reserves the right to refuse a voucher holder admittance to a course, if we deem the voucher holder to be unsuitable, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
7. Mondello Park reserves the right to stop a voucher holders course at any stage, if we deem the driving of the voucher holder unsuitable on safety grounds.
8. Under any circumstances, Mondello Park Limited's maximum liability to any course holder is limited to the cost of the course.
9. All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have held a full drivers license for at least 12 months which must be produced on the day.
10. All course holders will be required to sign a risk awareness document before being admitted on a course and will be assumed to have read and understood the document prior to signing it.
12. Spectators are welcome, but course participants are asked to bring no more than three spectators each without first contacting the Mondello Park office.
12. Vouchers that have expired within three months of the expiry date printed on the voucher can be reactivated for a further term. A fee of 25% of the current course price will be charged for reactivating the voucher.
13. Mondello Park will attempt to notify customers of any cancellation prior to their arrival at the venue, but this may not always be possible.
14. Any person with and injury or medical condition which may affect their ability to take part in a high course must inform Mondello Park prior to participating.
15. The vehicle is insured against accident damage, but an excess of €1,500 applies and the driver is liable for this excess in the event of accident damage occurring, while they are driving. Prior to being allowed to drive, participants must agree to paying the crash damage excess or a €30 collision damage waiver, either in advance of attending for their experience or on the day of their experience, to insure against this excess.
16. If a voucher holder damages a vehicle during a course, the course will be terminated at that point.
17. Where course duration is mentioned, this refers to the total time spent at Mondello Park and not the actual time spent driving the vehicles.



In the event of an accident causing damage to one of our cars, Supercar Experience participants are liable for a collision damage excess consisting of the first €1,500 of damage. Alternatively, for a fee of only €30.00 participants can insure against this excess. The excess is listed as a separate item to your course and needs to be purchased separately.

A collision damage waiver can be purchased when an experience is purchased, it can be left to the participant to arrange prior to attending, or it can be arranged on the day they attend. Alternatively, the participant can provide a credit card on the day of their experience to cover the cost of any damage up to the stated excesses. In this case if a car is damaged, Mondello Park will charge the full excess amount and will contact the participant within 5 days of their course to confirm if the actual cost of repairs is less than the €1,500. If the damage is less than the excess a refund for the difference will be applied to the card. Where the participant has an accident the course is terminated at that point. Please note, there is no personal injury insurance for participants who  will be required to sign an indemnity and risk awareness document before being admitted on a course and will be assumed to have made themselves fully aware of the contents of the indemnity/risk awareness prior to signing it.