Safer drivers save lives!

Mondello Park’s Advanced Car Control Course teaches drivers how a vehicle will behave in specific situations where loss of control occurs.

Ice, snow, wet conditions, acceleration, braking and steering error all play a part in potentially hazardous situations, we can teach you in a safe and controlled environment, how to react to the problems that driving throws up.

The course focuses on practising safe driving techniques which will help a driver to avoid trouble and safely regain vehicle control in adverse situations.

Our specially prepared Ford Focus CC uses a hydraulic platform controlled by your Instructor to simulate various conditions. Unlike skidpan training, the car allows the Instructor to remain in full control of the vehicle with an emergency override button to hand. The course is conducted both on the Mondello Park track and within the open tarmac areas of the venue, where various driving conditions will be simulated and addressed.

Training begins with a short classroom session which covers safety, an introduction to vehicle dynamics and an explanation of the techniques which you will be taught. You will learn how to deal with loss of front wheel grip, loss of rear wheel grip and total loss of control, as well as learning techniques such as ‘rotational’ braking & ‘line of sight’ cornering. The classroom will be followed up by extensive in-car training during which you will put the theory into practice.

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